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Australia's Crown Prince of Comedy, Joel Creasey, has whored himself across Australian TV screens from comedy galas, panel shows, celebrity interviews and even the depths of the African jungle. He is the protégé of the late great Joan Rivers, presided over commentary duties during Eurovision and is wrapping up the year with the release of his first memoir and his debut in a TV drama.

So what better time than to film his first TV stand up special? And in true Joel style - he is going all out with a spectacular at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

So strap yourselves in for a night with Joel as he slices, dices, sasses and smashes celebrities, pop culture and himself with a compilation of his best stand up material after 10 years on the comedy circuit.

As Joel's rule always stands... anyone not in the room... is a target!

Joel Creasey Official Website

Presented by Just For Laughs Sydney

* May Contain Adult Themes & Coarse Language